Stubernic Fantasy Piano Reduction Available!

November 20, 2015 10:06 pm

Finally three years after the premier of my concerto, Stubernic Fantasy, a piano reduction accompaniment is available!   I received numerous emails and messages asking for a piano reduction.   I kept saying,”Of course! Just give me a little time…”   Well, it was a slightly bigger project than I imagined!  So I called on my friend, Mark Scott, who assisted me in creating the piano reduction.   Thanks Mark!  And thanks to Innovative Percussion Publications!

This version will be great for student recitals and concerto competition auditions.   The piano part is not difficult and some players may even elect to add some of the concerto percussion parts to the piano for color and variety.   The reduction is the exact length as the original concerto.  This is important so that the bar numbers will align with the orchestral or wind ensemble versions.    So in the piano reduction there are a few open bars where the percussion section originally performed transitions.   Performers can leave these bars as is or they can choose to add in the percussion parts as stated above.  Either way, this version is energetic, powerful and exciting!

I wrote the original Stubernic in 1987, then Afta-Stuba in 2000, Stubernic Fantasy in 2012 and now this piano reduction of the Fantasy in 2015.  The Stubernic journey has been wonderful, but this is my final exploration with my “favorite four notes!”  Never say never….   🙂  Enjoy!

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